Lab Director

Dr. Emmanuel N. Pitsinos
Researcher B
Tel: +30-2106503789, +30-2106503689
FAX: +30-2106511766 

Academic Responsible

Elias A. Couladouros
Tel: +30-2106503679
FAX: +30-2106511766

Dr. Vassilios I. Moutsos, Researcher D
Dr. Alexandros Strongilos
Dr. Marina Sagnou

Graduate Students
Veroniki P. Vidali
Alexandros D. Magos
Emmanuel A. Bouzas

Research Facilities

Shimadzu HPLC (analytical and semi-prep)
Advanced ChemTech PLS Automatic Parallel Synthesizer
Perkin-Elmer Polarimeter
Access to the analytical facilities of the Institute (NMR, I.R., UV, Elemental Analysis)

Scope and Aims

Our group is involved in the design and synthesis of novel organic compounds. The targeted molecules are mainly natural products or designed analogues with interesting and/or improved biological activity and possible pharmaceutical applications. The evaluation of their biological activity is performed through collaboration with specialized laboratories. In parallel, the strong expertise of the team in advanced organic synthesis is exploited for the preparation of organic molecules with possible technological applications (e.g. photoresist etch enhancement additives, linkers for polymer preparation) or molecules with interesting supramolecular behavior.

Recently the team has initiated research in the area of combinatorial chemistry introducing the use of polymorphic scaffolds for the generation of libraries of pharmacophoric compounds. Other current research activities include the total synthesis of the natural products Bastadins, Radicicol and Adociasulfate-2, the design and synthesis of Scyphostatin and Alkanin analogues as well as the enrichment of Taxus Baccata extracts in Baccatin III for the production of Taxol® and water soluble derivatives (prodrugs). The activity of naphthoquinone derivatives against topoisomerase I and the influence of diaryl ether derivatives on tubulin polymerization is also investigated. Further information about our current research activities can be found at



Prof. N. Hadjichristidis, Department of Chemistry, University of Athens.

Prof. K.A. Demopoulos, Department of Chemistry, University of Athens.

Prof. S. Haroutounian, Agricultural University of Athens.

Dr. P. Argitis, Institute of Microelectronis, NCSR “DEMOKRITOS”.

Prof. K.C. Nicolaou, The Scripps Research Institute.

Prof. J.W. Lazarewicz, Medical Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences.

Prof. A. Giannis, Universitδt Leipzig, Fakultδt fόr Chemie und Mineralogie, Insitut fόr Organische Chemie.

Prof. E. Fattorusso, Dipartimento di Chimica delle Sostanze Naturali, Universitΰ degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”.

Dr. R. Poletti, Centro di Ricerche Marine.

Prof. Gian Paolo Rossini, Universitΰ degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche.

P.N. Gerolymatos Inc.



Selected Publications