Institute of Physical Chemistry NCSR Demokritos

The Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPC) is one of the 8 institutes of the National Center of Scientific Research “Demokritos”

The primary objective of IPC is the fundamental research in Physical Chemistry which is pursued by both experimental and theoretical methods. Current research activities focus on nanomaterials, functional molecular and supramolecular materials, biomolecules and natural products, theoretical modelling including non-linear phenomena, transport, catalytic and photoinduced processes, environmental technology and renewable energy. The Institute also provides specialized services to the private sector and public organizations, particularly in relation to environmental pollutants analysis, materials characterization, water quality, and glassblowing work.

The main axes of research policy aim at establishing the Institute as a National as well as EU, Center of Excellence in the field of physical chemistry and comprise:

  • Converging research activities focusing on topical subjects of fundamental research and technological applications in the field of Physical Chemistry
  • Attraction of new capable research staff, including post-doctoral and PhD candidates
  • Implementation of high level competitive research
  • Establishment of long term scientific collaboration with research centers and universities (in Greece and abroad)
  • Increase the Institute income from competitive projects
  • Improvement of research infrastructure (including research facilities and buildings)


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