Articles in international journals:

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Submitted Articles (or in final stage of preparation)

1)     “Photocatalysis and superhydrophilicity of sol-gel TiO2 thin films”, E.S. Kioutouktsis, A.I. Kontos, D.S. Tsoukleris, A.G.  Kontos, G.D. Vlachos, and P. Falaras. (submitted to the J. of sol-gel science and Technology).

2)     “Raman Scattering study of β-Sr0.33V2O5 in charge disordered and ordered phase”, Z. V Popovic, A.G. Kontos, Y.S. Raptis, M. Isobe and Y. Ueda, (submitted to Phys. Rev. B).

3)      Effect of the sol-gel technique in the preparation of nanostructured TiO2 films from commercial titanium oxide powder (Degussa P25), A.I. Kontos, A.G. Kontos, D.S. Tsoukleris, M.C. Bernard, and P. Falaras, (submitted to J. of photochemistry and photobiology).

4)      “Structural study of CdSe/ZnSSe/GaAs quantum islands laser structures”, A.G. Kontos, Y.S. Raptis, M. Straßburg, U.W. Pohl and D. Bimberg. (in final preparation).

5)     Evidence for direct correspondence of I-V characteristics and Raman measurements in DSSCs, A.G. Kontos, T. Stergiopoulos, G.Tsiminis, Y. S. Raptis and  P. Falaras (in final preparation).

6)     Functional supramolecular ruthenium cyclodextrin dyes for solid state solar cells, J. Faiz, A. I. Philippopoulos, A.G. Kontos Z. Pikramenou and P. Falaras. (in final preparation).